Sunday, 17 May 2009

A BIG thank you!

I just wanted to sign off my 2009 marathon blog by saying a big thank you to everyone who helped and supported me along the way. That includes everyone who very generously sponsored me and helped to raise a grand total of £2,442 for the Leeds MS Society (the figure will be nearer £3,000 when all the Gift Aid is added on top).

I also want to say a thank you to Catherine and Brian in particular for putting us up for the weekend and treating us to a lovely thai meal on the Friday night and the MS Team on the day who organised the runner's reception and much-appreciated massage (see picture).

But the biggest thank you goes to Mum, Dad and Ben for supporting me every step of the way - I couldn't have done it without you!

P.S. I am already entered in the ballot for next year's race and will be trying to crack 3 hours if I get in (though I'm going to have a few months' rest first!)

Thanks again
Nick x

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Week 16 - the perfect day

After 16 weeks and over 500 training miles, the big day finally arrived and it didn't disappoint. In fact, it exceeded all my expectations and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was probably the greatest experience of my life so far. To run 26 miles around the historic capital in glorious sunshine with 35,000 fellow runners and millions of Londoners shouting encouragement and cheering your name is something I will never forget. As one runner said to me after the finish, "it's like playing at Wembley stadium", which just about summed it up.

I started to get an idea of the sheer scale of the event and how well organised it is when we went to register at the Excel Arena on Friday afternoon. The rows of registration points resembled airport check-in desks where I was quickly processed and received my race number (41,388) and micro-chip timing device to attach to my trainers. We then went into the main hall which had stalls of every running gear manufacturer and sports nutrition company I'd ever heard of (and quite a few I hadn't).

After I'd had a good look round and filled up on free energy bar samples, I stocked up on carb gels and purchased a belt to carry them during the race which would prove to be a wise investment. On the way out I received a goody bag whose contents can only be described as random (can of London Pride, jar of cranberry sauce, lip balm!?) and was highly amused when my Dad managed to blag one and the attendant wished him good luck on Sunday to which he replied, "Thank you. I'll need it!"

We then drove down to my Mum's cousin's in Tunbridge Wells who had kindly offered to put us up for the weekend and even kinder, treated us to a gorgeous meal at their local Thai restaurant. Having read that I needed to eat an extra 100g of carbs per 10kg of body weight (about 800g for me) in the two days preceding the marathon to increase the amount of energy stored in the muscles (the process is called carb-loading), I ate as much rice and noodles as possible.

On Saturday morning I went for my last training jog before arranging to meet my old Uni house mate Toddy who had managed to wangle two free tickets for the Premier League clash between Fulham and Stoke. The weather was glorious again and although the quality of the game and home support was pretty underwhelming (not that I'm a bitter Leeds fan or anything) it was an enjoyable experience and nice to catch up with an old friend. I then went back to base to load up on pasta and get an early night before the big race.

After much deliberation over the train timetable, we decided that the 6.50 am train from High Broom (the local station) to London Bridge was the safest option for getting me to the start line in plenty of time which meant a 5.30 am start to get ready and eat my porridge and crumpets. The ticket machine at the station was out-of-order which was a stroke of luck as I got chatting to another runner on the train who said that they let runners travel free on the day of the race. The train gradually filled up with more and more runners until we reached London Bridge where I changed for Greenwich and followed the precession up to Greenwich Park to the red start area.

The weather was already glorious and I was regretting not packing any sun cream as I milled around the waiting area, enjoying my last energy bar and free Lucozade whilst soaking up the atmosphere. At 9.10 we we're directed to our start pens and luckily I was in number four which was quite near the front (there were nine pens in total with runners as far as the horizon as you looked down the hill) and at 9.30 we were ushered forward in preparation for the 9.45 start.

We got away really smoothly and I passed under the start clock about two minutes after the official start but set my watch and distance monitor to get an accurate measurement. After a bit of traffic at the start I settled into my target rhythm of five minute per km and for the first ten or twelve miles I just enjoyed the carnival atmosphere and the crowds of people who cheered and shouted support from the pavement.

With music systems pumping out from every pub, people hanging out of windows or stood on rooftops to get the best vantage point, every community came out to show their support and enjoy the day. From brass bands to steel bands playing, kids high-fiving runners and giving out sweets along the pavement and smiling spectators reading the name on your vest and shouting encouragement, it was a truly amazing experience that I will never forget.

I felt pretty comfortable during the middle of the race and kept stocking up on carbs with a gel every half an hour plus Lucozade and water from the frequent drink stations as we crossed Tower Bridge for the first time, again lined with thousands of cheering spectators. I was now on the look out for my Mum and Dad who were going to try and catch me at around mile 15 and 19 at Canary Wharf. I kept the pace going but was starting to think I had missed them when I came round the corner for the exit of Canary Wharf and there they were at the MS Society cheering point all going crazy. It gave me a massive boost and I was quite emotional but pulled myself together and began to focus on the final part of the race.
My legs were getting pretty heavy at this point but my energy levels were good so I thought the quicker you can run these last seven miles, the sooner you will be at the finish line and the better your time will be. Again, the support from the crowd was amazing so I gritted my teeth and pushed as hard as I could. These were the painful miles I had trained for and I was determined not to pull up and register as fast a time as possible. With three miles to go I could see I was under my 3:30 target so I kept pushing and after what felt like an eternity, I turned the final corner into the Mall and saw the clock at 3:19 so I accelerated for the line.

After handing in my time-chip and receiving my medal I felt shattered and disorientated. I made my way to the meeting area and someone from the MS Society team kindly walked me down to MS Society runners reception which was in a grand building overlooking the park. I had a much-welcome massage and met up with my Mum and Dad who had really enjoyed the race and sat down for a much needed drink and sandwich. We then walked (or hobbled) across London with the marathon still in full swing to get the train to Dartford and collect the car for the journey back to Leeds.

We got back about 9 and I enjoyed a pizza and glass of wine whilst looking on the London Marathon website for my official time of 3:17.43 which I am really please with for my first marathon. They also have your split times and pace graph on their which showed that I ran the first half in 1:40 and the second in 1:37, only a minute slower than my half-marathon time from last September. I suppose the next target will be getting to the three hour mark but I need a good rest before then!

There are so many people I need to thank I will publish a separate post later in the week along with a final fund-raising total when hopefully my legs will have recovered too!

20th - 26th April
Mon: Rest
Tues: AM: gym 1 hrs
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs (6 km steady)
Thurs: AM: gym 1.5 hrs (6 km steady)
Fri: Rest
Sat: 20 minutes steady warm up (4 km)
Sun: Marathon Day! 3 hours 17 minutes and 48 seconds (42 km)
Weekly total: 58 km - final total: 855 km

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Week 15 - tapering down

Less than a week to go now until the big race and a big thank you to Nozza, Gav and Smig for sponsoring me this week. I'm just £300 short of the £2,000 target now with all the money raised going to the support the Leeds branch of the MS Society.

There are over 1,000 people diagnosed as having MS in the Leeds area who are supported by The Leeds Branch of the MS Society. The branch has about 150 members and runs a support telephone-line, a weekly self–help group and a monthly social, as well as a quarterly newsletter. They also provide a library of up-to-date information about all aspects of MS from dealing with specific health problems such as fatigue to advice about claiming benefits.

The branch has gone through problems recently with a lack of volunteers and funds. The money raised from the Marathon will enable them to provide grants to local people with MS for items such as wheelchairs, scooters and other essential equipment. They will be able to help with the cost of respite care, car adaptations and Motability deposits. Many of those who have MS are on low incomes due to their disability and are in need of financial help. Any money not given out in grants will be used to help research or to provide specialist MS nurses.

Running-wise, I have been tapering down this week in anticipation of the big day on Sunday, getting in plenty of rest and staying injury free. I will be setting off down to London on Friday to register at the Excel Arena before planning the best way to get to the start line on race day. Now all the training is out of the way and the sponsorship is nearly raised I am starting to look forward to it.

13th - 19th April
Mon: PM: 2 hrs off road (21 km)
Tues: AM: gym 1 hrs
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs (6 km sprints) PM: Football training
Thurs: AM: 30 mins steady (6 km) PM: 30 mins steady (6 km)
Fri: AM: 1 hr gym
Sat: Football
Sun: AM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Weekly total: 49 km - training total: 797 km

Monday, 13 April 2009

Week 14 - the final count down

A momentous week began with an enjoyable run with Gav and Jamie who recounted some highly amusing travelling stories, mostly about being caught short in various embarrassing locations which I'm sure Jamie will be able to add to when he gets back from trekking across India. Then on Tuesday I did a quick 10 km in preparation for Wednesday Cup Final at Garforth Town. 

East Leeds FC tried to psyche us out before the game with a load of drum 'n' bass music and it seemed to have worked when they took the lead through an early penalty.  We came firing back though and battered them for the rest of the half, going in 4-1 at half-time and with my name finally on the scoresheet. The second half was a bit tense when they pulled a goal back but two quick strikes put the score at 6-2 and the game was over. We gave away two sloppy goals in the final minutes but the cup was ours.

We returned triumphant to Cross Gates Club for a disco and Indian buffet kindly proved by Zak the goalkeeper and then into town where the celebrations continued long into the night (for more pics and info visit ). That meant Thursday and Friday where pretty much written off but an 18 miler on Saturday and 14 miles round the woods with Gav at Temple Newsam today (Bank Holiday Monday) meant it was a pretty good Easter training wise. Just two weeks to go now...

6th - 12th April
Mon: AM: gym 1 hr PM: 1 hr 30 mins steady (18 km)
Tues:  AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM : 45 mins fast (10 km)
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: Cup Final
Thurs: Write off!
Fri: AM: 30 mins steady (6 km)
Sat: 2 hrs 30 mins steady (29 km)
Sun: PM: gym 1.5 hrs
Weekly total: 63 km - training total: 748 km

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Week 13 - end in sight

Only three weeks to go now until the big day and I'm starting to really look forward to it. I received another pack from the MS Society explaining about the facilities on race day and a funky orange sweatband (see picture).

Training wise, the only problem has been a niggling knee injury which I picked up at football training last week and can be quite painful when I'm running. This meant I needed an extra days' rest on Tuesday and couldn't do as much as I would have liked later in the week, though I did enjoy legging it round the woods at Temple Newsam on Friday which is more enjoyable than just pounding the roads for miles on end.

I also fell off the wagon on Saturday night as my mate Jamie was back from travelling for a couple of nights and all the boys were out so I couldn't resist. My running mate Gav was on top form telling everyone his marathon stories. My favourite one was when he had a really bad hangover before the Leeds marathon and it took him four and a half hours. He had to have a sit down for twenty minutes after 18 miles and a chat with the St John's ambulance crew. This is from a man who has a personal best of 3 hrs and 5 minutes so I definitely won't be drinking anywhere near race day!

30th March - 5th April
Mon: Rest 
Tues:  Rest 
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: Football training
Thurs: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Fri: AM: gym 1 hr PM: 1 hr 15 mins off road (13 km)
Sat: Football
Sun: 50 mins steady (10 km)

Weekly total: 33 km - training total: 685 km

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Week 12 - back on the road

Just four weeks to go now and only £500 left to raise before the £2,000 target is reached. A big thank you to Bill, Jack and Bella and Caroline and Nic at work who all sponsored me this week. 

Training-wise it started badly as I was still full of cold on Monday and Tuesday and had football training on Wednesday but I made up for it on Thursday and Friday before doing my longest run yet on Sunday. 

It was a glorious day in sunny Leeds so I packed up my essentials (see picture) and headed off round the ring road. It took a little over 3 hours with a few refreshment and toilet breaks so it was quite a good pace on a hilly course. It was also my penultimate long run before the marathon itself so I feel like the finish line is now in sight and I'm confident that I can handle the distance.

23rd - 29th March
Mon: Rest (ill)
Tues:  Rest (ill)
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: Football training
Thurs: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Fri: AM: gym 1.5 hrs including interval training (10 km) PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Sat: Football
Sun: 3 hrs steady (35 km)

Weekly total: 65 km - training total: 652 km

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Week 11 - got your number

My pre-marathon pack arrived this week with a magazine explaining the logistics of 40,000 people running 26 and a bit miles at the same time round a notoriously busy capital city and it all seems a bit daunting. First you have to register in the week before the marathon at the Excel Arena with proof of who you are before collecting your race number and your 'Champion Chip' timing system which you attach to your trainers to get an accurate final race time. I have been allocated number 41,388 which means I start in the red area in Greenwich Park (the pros start in blue and there is also a green one), with the 3 routes converging after about 3 miles.

It is going to be an early start as the race gets underway at 9.45 am and you obviously need to eat a few hours before and get to the start in plenty of time. Plus we are staying in St. Albans so will have to work out how to get there on the day and meeting up with family and friends afterwards is also a potential nightmare (you can hardly run with your mobile and there won't be a signal at the finish anyway) but I'm sure with enough planning it will be fine.

Running wise, I have not had a great week as I started coming down with a cold mid-week so wasn't well enough to do my long run on the Sunday which was really frustrating but hopefully I will get rid of it soon and be able to step up my training again next week to compensate. I also need to raise another £700 which is a bit of a worry so I'm going to have to start pestering people who haven't sponsored me yet (sorry in advance!)

16th - 22nd March
Mon: Rest
Tues: AM: gym 1 hr PM: 1 hr 50 mins steady (20 km)
Wed: AM: gym 1 hr
Thurs: AM: gym 1 hr + 30 mins interval training (7 km)
Fri: AM: 30 mins steady (7 km)
Sat: Football
Sun: Rest

Weekly total: 34 km - training total: 587 km

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Week 10 - staying the course

I have been busy again this week, running my own charity bookies at work to raise over 100 quid for Comic Relief and get everyone excited about the Cheltenham Festival (one of our clients is a leading bookmaker so it is classed as important research!) The most successful punter over the 4-day festival won a bottle of champagne and the coveted TBH Top Cheltenham Tipster trophy (see picture - it's a thing of rare beauty).

Running wise, it was pretty hard work, especially Sunday's 20-miler with a dodgy stomach (my apologies to Tesco on Roundhay Road and the Streets of Leeds pub). Thanks to Smig for donating his camel pack to me over the weekend, I found it to be easier to carry than the bottle belt (will put a picture up next week). I also managed to stay away from the booze (apart from a solitary glass of wine on Saturday night) despite another disappointing defeat at football but we will hopefully bounce back next week.

9th - 15th March
Mon: PM: 1.5 hrs gym
Tues: AM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Wed: PM: gym 1 hr 
Thurs: AM: gym 1 hr PM: 70 mins varied pace (13.5 km)
Fri: AM: 50 mins steady (9.5 km)
Sat: Football 
Sun: 2 hrs 50 mins (32 km)
Weekly total: 65 km - training total: 553 km

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Week 9 - taking on the elements

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who sponsored me this week including my cousins Melanie and Steven, Aunty Cath, Anna Hughes, Dave Hamilton and most of the Crossgates Working Men's Club football team.

Following on from last week's post, we won the semi-final 1-0 (it would have been 2-0 but for my goal being wrongly disallowed for a push and the heroics of their goalkeeper who plucked one out of the top corner). Unfortunately, the exertion and post-match celebration had a negative effect on my running schedule as I could barely move on Sunday (for both reasons!) so I moved the long run to Monday night instead. I then did a steady 10 km in the rain on Tuesday night with Evo and a quick 10 km at race pace on Wednesday before what turned out to be an eventful weekend.

On Friday I left my car at a colleague's house and had my last beer before the marathon (that's the plan anyway!) so had a steady 9 km jog at half 6 on Saturday morning to retrieve it. I then played in another semi-final for Crossgates but this time we lost 3-2 despite outplaying the opposition for most of the game. I was also disappointed to be brought off on the hour but it meant I could save my legs for Sunday's long run. 

I needed all the energy I got from my new pre-race meal of porridge followed by honey on toast (with gorgeous home-made bread) and a banana for a gruelling 18 miler in the rain and sleet with Gav (see post-run picture) that was a real mental and physical test. 

Next week promises more of the same so I just hope the weather improves along with my will power...

2nd - 8th March
Mon: (did Sunday's run!)
Tues: AM: gym 1 hr PM 55 mins steady (10 km)
Wed: AM: gym 1 hr PM: 45 mins quick (10 km)
Thurs: Rest
Fri: Rest
Sat: AM: 9 km PM: Football (semi-final)
Sun: 2 hrs 20 mins (28 km)
Weekly total: 57 km - training total: 488 km

Friday, 27 February 2009

Week 8 - a loaf and a half

I am now at the half way point in both my marathon training and fundraising and everything is just about on track, having clocked up 270 training miles already (just another 270 to go!) and nearly £1,000 in sponsorship. 

A big thank you to Ste, Will, Eliot and Emily who all sponsored me this week after I set up a facebook group to drum up support. I've also got a poster and collection tin in the gym at fitness first so hopefully that will help raise funds too.

Ben has been back in Leeds this week after his operation and is on the road to recovery so that is positive. I popped round to visit on Tuesday which also happened to be pancake day (yum!) and Friday night for a Sunday roast, squeezing in a few 10k's and a couple of gym sessions during the week to burn it all off.

Today I'm playing in a cup semi-final for Crossgates WMC before running a half-marathon at race pace tomorrow so I was more than grateful for the homemade loaf of bread my dad made for me last night to keep me going (see pic)!

23rd Feb - 1st Mar
Mon: Rest
Tues: AM: 55 mins steady (10 km)
Wed: AM: gym 1 hr PM: 45 mins quick (10 km)
Thurs: AM: gym 1 hr 
Fri: AM:  60 mins steady (12 km)
Sat: Football (semi-final)
Sun: half marathon at race pace (21 km)
Weekly total: 53 km - training total: 431 km

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Week 7 - let's off road!

I had a bit of a slow start this week, doing a couple of 20 minute treadmill sessions with 3 minute sprint intervals but not getting out on to the road until Thursday. I made up for it though with 10 hill sprint intervals in an hour session followed by a quick 10 km on Friday night. On Saturday we finally had a game of football after three weeks off because of the weather and managed to grind out a 2-1 win against a title rival on a windy, boggy pitch.

My legs felt really heavy today and I was half-tempted to have a day off but Gav text to say he was off for a run around Temple Newsam so I joined for a ten mile run round the woods which was muddy but good fun. I might have to invest in some proper fell running trainers for next time though! Next week I am going to have a break from the gym (well maybe the odd session) and concentrate on the running but with a couple more rest days.

16th - 22nd Feb
Mon: AM gym 1 hr
Tues: AM: gym 45 mins - PM: gym 1.5 hrs (5 km intervals)
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs (5 km intervals)
Thurs: PM: 60 mins hill sprints x10 (10 km)
Fri: AM: gym 1.5 hrs (5 km intervals) PM: 45 mins fast (10 km)
Sat: Football
Sun: 16 km off road

Weekly total: 46 km - training total: 378 km

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Week 6 - get well soon

This week started badly with confirmation that Ben had broken his hip which required an operation on Monday morning. He has now started physio on it to regain the movement and should be able to leave hospital in about a week so he can come back to Leeds and recuperate. I have been speaking to him daily and he is in good spirits and looking forward to coming home when he is fit enough to be discharged.
Running wise it has been quiet a steady week. Not as much distance as the week before but more quality in the form of interval training and speed work. Football was also called off again because of the weather so I could get the long run out of the way on Saturday (a steady 14 miles) which I did with my mate Gav who loves running so much he plans to run a three peaks race the day before the London Marathon (yes, he is completely insane). This week I will be doing more hill work and hopefully getting a game of footie in before a race pace half-marathon on Sunday.
9th - 15th Feb
Mon: PM: Rest
Tues: AM: gym 45 mins - PM: 40 mins intervals (5 x 3 mins fast - 9 km)
Wed: AM: gym 1 hrs PM: 1 hr steady (12 km)
Thurs: AM: gym 1.5 hrs
Fri: AM: gym 1.5 hrs (5 km) PM: 45 mins fast (10 km)
Sat: 1 hrs 55 mins steady (22 km)
Sun: Rest

Weekly total: 48 km - training total: 332 km

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Week 5 - bad news, bad weather

We had some really bad news today as we found out that Ben is in hospital in Dundee with a suspected broken leg after falling on Saturday afternoon so we're just waiting to find out if he is OK and when we can bring him down to Leeds to recover.

This week's training plan had to be revised due to the large amounts of snow that brought most of the country to a standstill. I waited until Tuesday night before braving the conditions but quickly realised it wasn't too bad running in the snow. It also meant that football was off again on Saturday so I did my long run early - running to Bramham and back for my first 18 miler! This time I had a couple of drink stops and felt pretty good throughout. Due to my training plan constantly changing, I am now going to update it at the end of the week rather than at the beginning.
2nd - 8th Feb
Mon: PM: 1.5 hrs gym
Tues: AM: gym 1 hr - PM: 60 mins steady (12 km)
Wed: Rest
Thurs: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: 60 mins steady (12 km)
Fri: AM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Sat: 2 hrs 20 mins steady (29 km)
Sun: 60 mins steady (10 km)

Weekly total: 73 km - training total: 284 km

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Week 5 - back in the groove

I had a really good week this week having recovered from last week's cold, running 75 km from Sunday to Friday including a hill sprint session which was hard work but enjoyable at the same time. Football was cancelled on Saturday so that gave me a much needed rest day but the Sunday run wasn't great - trying to run at race pace in the wind and snow flurries with heavy legs - I now know while they call them 'the hard miles'! 

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Week 4 - playing catch up

Week 3 was a bit of a nightmare as I was full of cold so only managed one evening run on Wednesday and that wasn't really a good idea. I did make up for it on Sunday though with a 25 km run in 2 hrs 10 mins which is the longest I have run for and wasn't bad with a hangover! I also did as much running as possible at football on Saturday on a pitch that resembled a farmer's field, scoring a dramatic late equaliser in a 4-4 draw.

This week I will be trying to catch up a bit on the mileage, as well as doing some speed and hill work. I also want to thank my Auntie Julia for her kind donation - the total is now up to £736 so we are getting nearer to the magic £2k!

26th - 31st Jan
Mon: AM: 1 hr gym PM: 60 mins steady (12 km)
Tues AM: 1 hr gym PM: 20 min warm up run + 10x hill sprints + 15 min warm down run (12 km)
Wed: AM: 1.5 hrs gym
Thurs: AM: 1.5 hrs gym (inc 4 km sprints) PM: 70 mins steady (14 km)
Fri: AM: 55 mins steady (11 km)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 90 mins at race pace (20 km)
Weekly total: 69 km - training total: 211 km

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Week 3 - more running!

Firstly, a big thank you to Uncle Malcolm and Auntie Freda and Uncle Philip and Auntie Joan for sponsoring me this weekend - the total is now up to £650 which is fantastic!

I have had a good week training wise - rested on Monday so did the gym before work and the running after on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which was pretty tiring, followed by a rest day on Friday before the weekend. I played football on Saturday for Cross Gates WMC and scored 5 in an 11-1 victory (yes, the opposition wasn't up to much!) so my legs where quite sore on Sunday but still managed a steady 18 km with Gav my new running buddy. Next week is more than the same but with a couple of morning sessions and building up to an even longer Sunday run:

19th - 25th Jan
Mon: ILL
Tues: ILL
Wed: AM: 1.5 hrs gym PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Thurs: AM 1.5 hrs gym 
Fri: AM 1.5 hrs gym 
Sat: Football
Sun: 130 mins steady (25 km)
Weekly total: 35 km - training total: 143 km

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Week 2 - Mid-week quality

I'm glad week 1 is out of the way and football was cancelled on Saturday meaning I could have a much needed rest day. I ran about 35 miles in total and felt pretty comfortable for the most part - especially in my new trainers and rather fetching tights (see picture) which kept me warm and visible in the evening frost!

Week 2 is similar distance wise but introduces some interval training to work on speed:

Week 2: 12th - 18th January
Mon: Rest
Tues: AM: 1.5 hrs gym PM: 60 mins steady (12 km)
Wed: AM: 1.5 hrs gym PM: 3 x 10 mins fast with 3 mins recovery intervals
Thurs: AM: 1 hr gym PM: 60 mins steady (12 km)
Fri: Rest
Saturday: Football
Sunday: 90 mins steady (18 km)
Weekly total: 54 km - training total: 108 km

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Week 1 - Getting started

Hi again and a happy New Year to everyone. It is now time to start my 16 week training plan which has been adapted to accommodate the gym and Saturday football for Cross Gates Working Men's Club FC 

During the week I will be doing all my running before work so will be in for some early starts (though as a self-confessed gym-addict I'm quite used to it by now) and the distance and intensity will obviously increase week-by-week so the first week doesn't look too daunting: 

5th - 11th Jan 
Mon: 45 mins steady run (12 km) + 1.5 hrs gym
Tues: 1.5 hrs gym
Wed: 60 minutes varied pace (12 km)
Thurs: rest
Fri: 60 mins steady run (12 km) + 1 hr gym
Sat: 90 minutes steady run (18 km)
Sun: Rest
Total: 54 km

To sponsor me, visit 09 and check back next week to see what's in store for week 2...