Sunday, 18 January 2009

Week 3 - more running!

Firstly, a big thank you to Uncle Malcolm and Auntie Freda and Uncle Philip and Auntie Joan for sponsoring me this weekend - the total is now up to £650 which is fantastic!

I have had a good week training wise - rested on Monday so did the gym before work and the running after on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday which was pretty tiring, followed by a rest day on Friday before the weekend. I played football on Saturday for Cross Gates WMC and scored 5 in an 11-1 victory (yes, the opposition wasn't up to much!) so my legs where quite sore on Sunday but still managed a steady 18 km with Gav my new running buddy. Next week is more than the same but with a couple of morning sessions and building up to an even longer Sunday run:

19th - 25th Jan
Mon: ILL
Tues: ILL
Wed: AM: 1.5 hrs gym PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Thurs: AM 1.5 hrs gym 
Fri: AM 1.5 hrs gym 
Sat: Football
Sun: 130 mins steady (25 km)
Weekly total: 35 km - training total: 143 km

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