Sunday, 17 May 2009

A BIG thank you!

I just wanted to sign off my 2009 marathon blog by saying a big thank you to everyone who helped and supported me along the way. That includes everyone who very generously sponsored me and helped to raise a grand total of £2,442 for the Leeds MS Society (the figure will be nearer £3,000 when all the Gift Aid is added on top).

I also want to say a thank you to Catherine and Brian in particular for putting us up for the weekend and treating us to a lovely thai meal on the Friday night and the MS Team on the day who organised the runner's reception and much-appreciated massage (see picture).

But the biggest thank you goes to Mum, Dad and Ben for supporting me every step of the way - I couldn't have done it without you!

P.S. I am already entered in the ballot for next year's race and will be trying to crack 3 hours if I get in (though I'm going to have a few months' rest first!)

Thanks again
Nick x

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