Sunday, 25 January 2009

Week 4 - playing catch up

Week 3 was a bit of a nightmare as I was full of cold so only managed one evening run on Wednesday and that wasn't really a good idea. I did make up for it on Sunday though with a 25 km run in 2 hrs 10 mins which is the longest I have run for and wasn't bad with a hangover! I also did as much running as possible at football on Saturday on a pitch that resembled a farmer's field, scoring a dramatic late equaliser in a 4-4 draw.

This week I will be trying to catch up a bit on the mileage, as well as doing some speed and hill work. I also want to thank my Auntie Julia for her kind donation - the total is now up to £736 so we are getting nearer to the magic £2k!

26th - 31st Jan
Mon: AM: 1 hr gym PM: 60 mins steady (12 km)
Tues AM: 1 hr gym PM: 20 min warm up run + 10x hill sprints + 15 min warm down run (12 km)
Wed: AM: 1.5 hrs gym
Thurs: AM: 1.5 hrs gym (inc 4 km sprints) PM: 70 mins steady (14 km)
Fri: AM: 55 mins steady (11 km)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 90 mins at race pace (20 km)
Weekly total: 69 km - training total: 211 km

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