Sunday, 29 March 2009

Week 12 - back on the road

Just four weeks to go now and only £500 left to raise before the £2,000 target is reached. A big thank you to Bill, Jack and Bella and Caroline and Nic at work who all sponsored me this week. 

Training-wise it started badly as I was still full of cold on Monday and Tuesday and had football training on Wednesday but I made up for it on Thursday and Friday before doing my longest run yet on Sunday. 

It was a glorious day in sunny Leeds so I packed up my essentials (see picture) and headed off round the ring road. It took a little over 3 hours with a few refreshment and toilet breaks so it was quite a good pace on a hilly course. It was also my penultimate long run before the marathon itself so I feel like the finish line is now in sight and I'm confident that I can handle the distance.

23rd - 29th March
Mon: Rest (ill)
Tues:  Rest (ill)
Wed: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: Football training
Thurs: AM: gym 1.5 hrs PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Fri: AM: gym 1.5 hrs including interval training (10 km) PM: 50 mins steady (10 km)
Sat: Football
Sun: 3 hrs steady (35 km)

Weekly total: 65 km - training total: 652 km

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