Sunday, 4 March 2012

Huddersfield & Herzo

After 12 miles of sunny trails with Matt around Temple Newsam on Saturday, my 20 events in 12 months belatedly got under way with the Huddersfield 10k on Sunday 26th February. I had heard it was a hilly course but didn't appreciate how hilly it was with a mixture of steep inclines followed by nail-biting declines meaning it wasn't a race for the faint hearted.
Despite the undulating course and an annoying toilet break, I finished in a time of 39.14 in 18th place overall so not a bad start to the year's events.
On Monday afternoon, I travelled down to Exeter for an in-store running event
and had my footscans analysed and was pleased to find out my gait was pretty efficent with my foot strike following through from the heel to the middle of the forefoot to the toe off (see pic) which means I can now use trainers with neutral support as well as moderate support.
Then on Tuesday it was off to adidas HQ in Herzogenaurach with work which included driving on the autobahn, a trip to the outlet store for a pair of adizero Aegis, a brief on SS13 running and a quick lunchtime run around Herzo with Tom Siedel. Returning back to the UK on Thursday evening, two days' rest were in order ahead of the re-aaranged Dewsbury 10k on the Sunday.

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